Taste of Fire

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, hazel eyes staring back at themselves and the pale figure covered still in soot and ash. Images of the call and what had nearly come to be run through her mind seemingly to flash across the glass surface before her, removing her reflection. Her job was risky and dangerous which she knew when she first applied and went through her training that would prepare her for days such as this. A hand on her shoulder brought her out of her thoughts like a rubber band snapping back to its original form after being stretched to its limit.

“Finally got a taste of fire,” Brandon said with a grin when she looked over to him. “Come on and hurry to get cleaned up. Valdez made some food and everyone wants to hear about what happened.”

“Right… I’ll be out in a few minutes, Bran.” she told him with a small forced smile.

Brandon, still smiling, left the restroom leaving her alone once more with only her thoughts and reflection on the mirror. Absently she turned on the water, letting it run down the drain as she pulled off her shirt, splashing water onto her face to get rid of the soot and sweat not caring that she still smelled of smoke.

“A taste of fire…,” she muttered to herself. “More like a mouthful I’m glad to have survived.”10342834_727378773985477_2692516377452564226_n


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